ROED Social Network is an online platform dedicated soley to the Automotive Community. ROED Social Network is the ultimate Social Network Platform exclusively created for the Car Collector, Enthusiast, Manufacturer, Dealer, Service Provider and YouTube Influencer.  

ROED pronounced as "ROAD" is an acronym for Rides, Owners, Enthusiasts and Drivers.


Dedication to the Automotive Community: ROED Social Network is not just another Social Media Platform; it is a dedicated space tailored to meet the unique needs and passions of the Automotive Community worldwide. Whether you're an avid Collector, an Enthusiast with a deep love for cars, a Manufacturer looking to connect with your audience, or a YouTube influencer seeking a dedicated Automotive platform to engage with your followers, ROED Social Network is the place for you.


Seamless Sharing: Share your passion for cars with a global audience through Photos, Videos and updates. ROED Social Network makes it easy for you to post and showcase your Automotive treasures, memorable moments and the latest in car-related News and Trends.


Community Building: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for automobiles. Whether you're a classic Car Enthusiast, a Sports Car lover, a Biker or a fan of Electric vehicles the ROED Social Network provides the perfect environment to engage in conversations, swap stories and build friendships with fellow Automotive aficionados.


Stay Informed: The ROED Social Network is your one-stop source for staying informed about the latest developments in the automotive world. From industry News and Events to the newest vehicle releases and Technological Advancements, you'll find it all here.


Promotional Opportunities: If you're an Automotive Manufacturer, Dealer, Financer or Insurer the ROED Social Network offers a unique platform to promote your Products and Services directly to a highly targeted audience. Showcase your latest models, highlight special offers and connect with potential customers who are passionate about Vehicles.


Events and Meetups: Discover and participate in car-related Events, Exhibitions and Meetups in your area or around the world. The ROED Social Network will help you stay connected and informed about the gatherings that matter most to you.


ROED Social Network is more than just a Social Network; it is a vibrant community dedicated to celebrating the art and culture of Automobiles. Join us today and become a part of this exciting journey as we rev up the Automotive world together. Whether you're looking to share your passion, connect with fellow Enthusiasts or grow your Automotive brand, the ROED Social Network is the ultimate destination for car lovers like you. Let's drive forward into the future of Automotive Social Networking with ROED Social Network!


The ROED Social Network forms part of various business services under the brand ROED Ltd. RODE Ltd is a Carpet Media Group Company.