Verification on ROED Social Network

What is Verification?
The Verified Badge on ROED Social Network is a symbol of authenticity and credibility. It signifies that an account belongs to a notable entity, such as a business, celebrity, brand, car collector, or YouTube influencer who has met specific criteria and has a minimum of 1000 followers on our platform.

Who is Eligible for Verification?
To be eligible for the Verified Badge on ROED Social Network, an account must fall into one of the following categories:
Businesses: Businesses that are registered and operate legally are eligible for verification. This includes Automotive Manufacturers, Dealerships and related Enterprises.

* Celebrities: Verified badges are available to Public Figures, Entertainers and personalities recognized in the Automotive industry or beyond.

* Brands: Recognized brands associated with the Automotive world can apply for verification to enhance their presence on ROED Social Network.

* Car Collectors: Individuals with a genuine passion for Car Collecting and a minimum of 1000 followers are eligible for verification. This category includes both Amateur and Professional collectors.

* YouTube Influencers: Influencers who create Automotive-related content on YouTube and have a minimum of 1000 followers on ROED Social Network are eligible for verification.

Verification Criteria
Meeting the eligibility criteria alone does not guarantee verification. ROED Social Network assesses accounts on a case-by-case basis, considering factors such as:

* Authenticity: The account must represent a real and verifiable entity.

* Notability: The account should have a presence in the automotive world or related fields.

* Engagement: A minimum of 1000 followers demonstrates a genuine interest in the account's content.

* Compliance: The account must adhere to ROED Social Network's Terms of Use and community guidelines.

How to Apply for Verification
If you meet the criteria and wish to apply for verification, please follow these steps:

* Complete Your Profile: Ensure your ROED Social Network profile is complete with accurate information.

* Build Your Presence: Grow your followers to a minimum of 1000 by creating engaging and relevant content.

Verification Documents
When requesting verification on ROED Social Network, applicants may be required to provide specific documents to verify their identity and eligibility. Two (2) copies of the following is required.

* Official Identification: A valid Government-issued photo ID, such as a Passport, Driver's License or National ID card to confirm the identity of the applicant.

* Business Documentation: If applying as a Business, provide official documents such as Business Licenses, Certificates of Incorporation or Tax Identification numbers to verify the legitimacy of the business.

* Brand Verification: Proof of the brand's presence in the automotive industry, such as product catalogues, official websites or press releases. Trademark Registration documents if applicable.

* Car Collector Verification: Evidence of a substantial car collection which may include photos, videos of the collection. Business Registration Documents if registered as a business.

* YouTube Influencer Verification: Links to the applicant's YouTube channel with a substantial following. Evidence of engagement and influence within the automotive community, such as video analytics. Business Registration Documents if registered as a business.

* Additional Supporting Documentation: Any other documents that can help establish the applicant's legitimacy and notability in the automotive world or related fields.

Contact Us
Send a verification request to with your account details, a brief explanation of why you should be verified, and any supporting documents.

Verification Process
Our team will review your application and determine whether your account meets the criteria for verification. Please allow some time for us to process your request. We will notify you of the outcome via email.

ROED Social Network reserves the right to revoke the Verified Badge if an account no longer meets the criteria or violates our policies.

Join the ranks of verified accounts on ROED Social Network and showcase your authenticity and influence in the world of cars and automotive enthusiasts. Verified users enjoy increased visibility and trust within our community.

For any questions or inquiries regarding verification, please contact us at